Explore Barcelona and other cities of Spain in the capable hands of a professional guide who will speak to you of great historical moments, will know everything or almost everything, about the city, region you are visiting. Who will tell you fascinating anecdotes, all in your own language!

PERFECTTOUR works only with licensed tour guides. Our guides are professional guides authorized for all of the Spanish provinces and their surroundings. Our guides can also offer tours in many different languages. Catering to a wide range of customers, our licensed tourist guides offer high-level services in which cultural and artistic information blend with the typical traditions and customs of our territory.

Our tours are distinguished by our professionalism providing you with culture combined with fun. So you’ll find that our classical itineraries are enriched with anecdotes and curiosities as well as the exclusive possibility to custom tailor the tours to your needs.

Our cities are packed with treasures waiting to be discovered and explored with the help of an expert tourist guide. It will be a pleasure for us to lead you through museums, churches where the major art works are displayed. Near to our wonderful cities are fascinating medieval villages full of art, legends, ancient traditions and a unique atmosphere. We would like to have the opportunity to share this fantastic experience with you.

Our professional guides can also suggest and offer you visits to special events, performances and temporary exhibitions in order to enrich your stay in Spain.

Choose only to a licensed tour guide, synonymous with professionalism and competence.